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Our mission with By Fiore is to combine the world’s plastic problem with today’s fashion. Plastic that is recycled into trendy swimwear and given a new life. Our swimwear is made of RPET polyester, which consists of recycled PET bottles. This is done by Waste2Wear. Waste2Wear creates a blockchain for every Fiore item, this way you can see precisely every step of the way how your Fiore swimwear is really made out of recycled PET bottles.

Jade Green basic bottom


Black dwide top


Black swimsuit


Global Impact

Recycling plastics helps the environment by diverting ocean-bound plastics, reducing greenhouse gases, and limiting energy consumption. In 2016 the World Economic Forum made a dire prediction: that by 2050 our oceans could have more plastic than fish!


Making beautiful sustainable fashion, one recycled plastic bottle at a time. In creating our swimwear, we made the deliberate choice to seek out the most sustainable manufacturers for our collections so that not only are they sexy, they are sustainably sexy! What does that mean? Well, we can prove the provenance of our materials.


Our packaging is made out of 100% plastic waste. So not only are our products sustainable but also our packaging (a win for the planet). Delivery will take 1 or 2 business days. Our sustainable mailers all have a return strip so you don't have to use a new mailer to send your product back to us. If there are any questions, please send us an e-mail.