Garment Care

Taking good care of your beautiful swimwear is important when you want it to last as long as possible! To ensure your swimwear lives as long as possible, we advise that you follow our care guide below.

– Make sure to cold rinse your suit immediately after use ensuring all salt, sand, and chlorine are removed.
– Wash in cold water – we love hand washing with our Bikinis.
– Do not roll up wet.
– Skip the dryer and hang dry your bikinis.
– Use an all-natural biodegradable soap, don’t bleach. It’s much better for your bikini, the environment, and you.
– Please avoid sunscreens, oils, and lotions.
– Avoid contact with rough surfaces such as rocks, pebbles, stone, and concrete pool surfaces.
– Do not leave your swimsuit in direct sunlight as this may cause fading and damage to the material.