Making beautiful sustainable fashion, one recycled plastic bottle at a time.

In creating our swimwear, we made the deliberate choice to seek out the most sustainable manufacturers for our collections so that not only are they sexy, they are sustainably sexy! What does that mean? Well, we can prove the provenance of our materials.

The Raw Stuff

Our swimwear started life as a variety of plastic bottles. Waste2Wear pioneered turning these into a range of fabulous fabrics, including our stunning bathing suits. The process involves cleaning and shredding old plastic bottles, then melting down and re-spinning the fibers into new recycled polyester yarns. We prove what we do through the use of transparent blockchain. You simply scan the QR code on the clothing to see when, where and how much old plastic bottles were used to make the collection. In addition our award-winning RPET Recycling Assurance 3 step test (RA-3) is embedded into each collection guaranteeing the recycled content.

The Factories

Our in-house Quality Control (QC) agents, have close relationships with all the factories in our supply chain and check each every step in the production run to ensure the veracity of our recycled claims. This way we also know that the employees are working under optimal conditions and receive fair treatment and compensation. All of our suppliers maintain the highest standards of workplace ethics and environmental responsibility including Global Recycling Standard (GRS) and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certified. The dyeing mills also are Oeko-Tex certified.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Blockchain technology gives assurance of authenticity at every step in the supply chain from bottle collection to the finished products. The QR code on our products clearly shows each supplier involved in production with a photo and unique contract number. Our responsible production process uses 86% less water, 75% less CO2 and 70% less energy than non-recycled fabrics. We won the 2021 World Sustainability Award for the most transparent, sustainable supply chain as evidenced through our blockchain.

Our Packaging

We have eliminated single-use plastic in all of our production and replaced it with recycled card packaging. Not only is this 100% recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable, it’s a superb way to showcase our soft and stretchy swimwear as the ‘peep-hole’ permits touch and feel which we encourage. In fact, in focus group tests, this fabric tested better than the world’s leading activewear brands in terms of fit, stretch and snag resistance.

Our community

We value each and every client and thank you for your conscious purchase. We’d love to hear what you think of our products, perhaps feature you wearing the gear on our social media. Please send us your comments, photos and feedback to our Instagram acoount; or send us an email to

Thanks for making a difference!